The Coffee Machine Buyers Guide

If you like coffee, investing in a machine could be the best thing for you. Drinking one cup in the morning to drinking coffee throughout the day, there will be a machine to suit your needs.

With this guide I hope to provide helpful and informative information on various types of machines and how much you would expect to pay.

So what are the options?

With more ways to make coffee than ever before, lets take a closer look at the most popular methods.

Filter Coffee Makers
These operate by adding water into the water storage compartment which is then warmed via a heating element and dripped through the pre-ground coffee into a holding jug. The coffee is kept warming by a plate that’s kept warm via a heating plate. Many filter coffee makers now have timers, handy for morning coffee’s. See our full list filter coffee makers category here – Filter Makers

The Cafe Mattino

Pod/Capsules Machines

These machines use capsules that contain the drink, they are placed into the machine and are usually read by a bar-code reader. The capsule has a bar-code which contains information such as, water temp, pressure and brewing time. When the pod is placed into the machine and once you’ve pressed the button everything is done for you, and the process normally happens quickly. You are not limited to coffee with these machines, hot chocolate and tea can also be made. With a wide range of capsules on offer from various companies and sold in major supermarkets, these would be great if you wanted more drink options from your machine. Here are some Pod/Capsule Machines

The Bosch TAS2002GB Tassimo T20

These were popular until the filter coffee machines were released and ever since the 1980′s sales have fallen. A great cup of coffee can be made with these but a more hands on approach is required. Ground coffee would be placed above the water and as it boils its forced up a tube and into coffee then back down into the pot. Electric versions are available and stove tops are great for camping. See our Percolators here – Percolators

The Dualit Cordless

Pump Action Machines
These machines heat the water via thermostatic boilers, with coffee best served between 88C – 95C they can make excellent coffee. Water flows through the ground coffee at the correct temperature and pressure to create espressos, latte and cappuccinos. Frothing the milk is done via the steam nozzle, with the majority of machines having these built in.
Here are some examples of Pump Action Machines

The Excellent De’Longhi EC820.B

Bean-to-cup Machines
These machines are great as they have a built in grinder, many of them feature two compartments so you can have pre-ground as well. The machine will grind the beans and pass hot water though them until your drink is ready. These machines are regarded as a luxury item and prices start in the hundreds while running into the thousands. Finding the best quality beans is a major factor here and I recommend finding the best beans you can afford.See our reviews on bean-to-cup machines here – Bean-to-Cup

The De’Longhi ESAM5500

When looking into buying a machine I’ll go through a simple Q and A for each machine I look at:

My budget?
Where am I going to store the machine?
How much will the beans or ground coffee cost?
How often will I use it?
How many people will use it?
The cost of servicing/spares?

If they are in budget and no negative points appear, then you may have found the machine right for you.

Also look at your ability with using similar machines, are you able to learn how to use the machine correctly, some machines require reading of manuals and can take a while to master. The skills can be great to learn and really impress family and friends once mastered.

Most importantly take time in choosing your coffee machine, I’d recommend reading reviews on here and on other sites to gain the knowledge to form a real understanding of what you want in a machine.

All my reviews available here – All The Reviews

Thank you for reading!

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