Melitta Caffeo Solo Review

Melitta Caffeo Solo Bean to Cup Espresso Machine, Silver/ Black

The Melitta Caffeo Solo is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee machines on the market. Reduced to essentials it offers excellent coffee results for pure coffee enjoyment from whole beans. Its features, the puristic design and the aromatic pleasurable experience will convince pure espresso and coffee lovers!

A beautifully designed coffee machine packed full of wonderful features to bring you the finest cup of coffee to tickle your taste buds. New to the market it offers excellent technological features offering energy saving functions and programmable coffee temperatures. See below for full product features.

Product Features:

  • 1 Chamber bean container (capacity 120g).
  • Modern Energy Saving function and On/Off switch with 0 watt function.
  • Height adjustable coffee outlet up to 135mm.
  • Progressively adjustable water quantity from 30-220ml for small and large cups.
  • Detachable brewing chamber with pre brewing programme for best coffee results.
  • Stainless Steel drip tray, Stainless Steel grinder with three settings.
  • Automatic grinding quantity control.
  • Three settings for coffee strength
  • Possible to pour 2 cups simultaneously.
  • Automatic cleaning, descaling and rinsing programmes.
  • Cup tray to pre heat cups.
  • Display with LED symbols.
  • Detachable water tank with automatic water quantity recognition.
  • Compatible for use with water filter (1 filter supplied with each pack), 15 bar, 1400 watts peak power.
  • Detachable brewing chamber with pre brewing programme.
  • Height adjustable coffee spout up to 135mm.
  • Stainless steel drip tray.
  • Automatic ground quantity compensation.
  • 3 settings for coffee strength.
  • Water quantity freely adjustable from 20 to 220ml.
  • Coffee temperature programmable: 87C 90C or 93C, On and off switch with 0 Watt function.
  • Modern energy saving feature less than 10 watt.
  • Automatic cleaning descaling and rinsing programmes.
  • Cup tray to pre heat cups.
  • Chrome elements coffee spout dial and on off button.
  • Display with red LED symbols.
  • Detachable water tank 1.2 litre with automatic water level sensor, 1 filter supplied.


The Melitta Cafe Solo is without doubt one of the smallest and nicer looking coffee machines on the market, whilst not as feature packed as some may want it still makes an excellent cup of coffee.

Firstly it’s small and will fit nicely into any kitchen, if your looking for a machine that won’t dominate your kitchen then this would be a machine that I would consider. It’s available in two colours black and silver.

The machine features a detachable brewing chamber complete with pre brewing programmes, you are able to adjust the amount of water, great for different size cups. The cup tray does a good job of pre-heating cups, important for good coffee.

The machine does not feature a creamer and so aimed towards the espresso or americano coffee drinker, but you can buy the Melitta Cremio separately which creams exceptionally well.

This machine is easy to use, makes great quality coffee and is small enough for the smallest kitchens. If you are looking for a smaller machine that makes great coffee then take a close look at this one.

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